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We're live!

It's taken some months of planning, delegation, procrastination, head-scratching and ctrl-z but we're delighted our first ever Taunton Suzuki Group website is now live!

There's so much to say about how wonderful Suzuki is, that I've worried at times there were too many words, so I'm pledging to get more musical content!

I'm currently training in Level 2 (so I can teach to the end of Suzuki Piano Book 3!). In my training I often have to teach children I've never met before who don't speak English. How do I communicate you may wonder? Well in that respect it's easier. I just play the piano and they listen and repeat.

So in the coming months expect to see more music so we can keep sharing and inspiring our love of Suzuki.

Taunton Suzuki Group logo
This is the original Taunton Suzuki Group logo!

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